Preguntas Frecuentes

How far in advance should I book a carnival event?

We suggest the sooner the better – we like to plan our routes early to give you, the customer, the best service ever. Depending on how large or small our events are, we only schedule 1-3 events per day so our dates book up fast (Saturday’s are especially popular).

What is the suggested age range for the carnival?

We find that our Little Carnival games are great for any ages from 2-99. We have the flexibility of making any of our carnival games as easy or as hard as possible by just moving our game stands either forward or back to make them just right for the age group we are hosting. There are some games that might not work for the very little crowd but there aren’t too many.

What is the minimum guest count MLC will set up for?

We have set up private parties for as little as 10 children and as large as 3,000. No matter what the group size is, we make it just as special and fun for everyone.

What does MLC require to Book an event Time & Date?

MLC requires a signed invoice, signed contract and 50% deposit to book an event. If the event is booked one week or less before the event date, the full amount is due to reserve. At this time MLC will take personal or organization checks, credit card or cash for the deposit. Remaining Balance is due prior to event proceeding in Cash Day Of, Credit Card 24 hrs prior or Check one week prior to event.

What is MLC’s Rain/Postponement Policy?

Mi Pequeño Carnaval must be notified of the postponement before traveling to the event, preferably at least 24 hrs prior. Client may reschedule the event within 60 days of the original event date at no additional cost. If postponement of an event is necessary, Mi Pequeño Carnaval reserves the right to substitutions of equal or greater value on the rescheduled event date. If postponement of the event is made after travel to the event has begun or the event has begun, an additional charge may be added up to a maximum of 10% of the contract price (travel expense coverage).

What is MLC’s cancellation policy?

If a reservation is cancelled after travel to the event has begun, the deposit will not be refunded not to exceed 50% of the total contract price. If the event is cancelled after Mi Pequeño Carnaval has arrived on site of the event, the full rental charge is due and payable.